See our below selection of t-shirt rags, cloths and wipers, assorted terry towels, and microfibers that we carry and fabricate for our customers.

That’s right — all of our fabricating and cutting is done right here, in house. That means we take care of our customers’ specific needs by providing them with a great product, at a great price, that we can personally supervise and attest to.
Whether you’re in the janitorial cleaning business, own a car wash or auto detailing shop, or serve the community within a restoration capacity, we have what you’re looking for.

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    • Black
    • Blue
    • Bright Orange
    • Green
    • Hunter Green
    • Red
    • White
      • 12x12 WashCloth
      • 20x30 BathMat
      • 22x44 Bath Towels
      • 24x48 Bath Towel
      • 24x50 Bath Towels
      • 36x68 Pool Towels

        12×12 Economy WashCloths, White – priced per dozen


        12×12 Standard White Washcloths – Per Dozen – Quantity Discount


        15×26 Economy Hand Towels White – priced per dozen – Quantity Discount


        16×16 Microfiber Squares, Yellow- Priced per dozen – Quantity Discount


        16×27 Thirsty Hand Towels – Colors – Priced per dozen


        17×20 Economy Hand Towels, White – priced per dozen – Quantity Discount


        17×25 Microfiber Towels, Colors – priced by the dozen

        Hunter Green

        20×40 Economy Bath Towels White – priced per dozen


        22×44 Economy Bath Towels White – priced per dozen – QUANTITY DISCOUNT


        24×48 Economy Bath / Fitness Towels White – priced per dozen – QUANTITY DISCOUNT


        Economy Towel Collection, White – Per Dozen – QUANTITY DISCOUNT


        Heavy Duty Laundry Bag + Stand

        Bright Orange

        Large Box of “A” Wiper Rags – White Cotton Cut T-Shirt Rags


        Large Box of All White Recycled Terry Cloth Towels


        Large Box of Blue Huck Towels


        Wipers Rags, Large Box of “C” – Assorted Colors Cotton Cut T-Shirts