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Microfiber towels: what in the world should I do with these things and how do I wash them?

Whether you are a janitorial professional, or a window washer, or an auto/boat detailer, microfibers have really made a splash in the world of wholesale commercial textiles. But anyone who has worked with microfibers in a professional capacity can tell you that not all towels are created equal in the eyes of the launderer. When it comes to microfibers, it is important to keep in mind the right way to launder these towels so you can really get the most use and longevity out of this great product.blogs posts fullsizerender 42Some of the benefits of using a microfiber towel for industry use include:- their extreme absorbency – ability to dry quickly and not retain as much moisture as a cotton towel would- they make excellent polishing cloths as they tend to not leave residue behind or streak- they’re great for dusting — dust clings to the polyester fibers more easily- when well cared for, they prove to be very durable and long-lastingNow that we know some of the primary uses of a microfiber towel, it’s time for us to explore the right ways (and the wrong ways) to go about caring for them. These tips can be applied to professional use as well as for in-home personal use. Heck, I use my microfibers to polish off mirrors, dust my furniture, and soak up any excess liquid that may have spilled. They are like the Renaissance Man of the textile world!When washing your microfibers:Do not overfill the washer with towels, but DO wash only with like colors or with other microfibersTry to wash them as soon as possible after useWash in WARM water – do not exceed 140 degree F (or 60 degrees C)Do not bleach

Side note: bleach is highly corrosive and will destroy the structure and integrity of the polyester threads, so keep that in mind when laundering any linens and textiles (not just microfibers)Do not use fabric softeners (liquid or dryer sheets) — this will reduce the microfiber towels’ ability to absorb properlyWhen drying your microfibers:Air drying works absolutely fine for microfibersYou may also tumble dry at a LOW heat, but they do not need to be in the dryer for very long. Depending on how large the load is and what other items you have in the dryer with them, they may only need about 15-30 minutes to fully dry which, for a towel, is very briefDO NOT dry at a high heat setting as this will melt the towelsDO NOT over dry them — prolonged heat can weaken the fibers of towelsSo there you have it! Now that you’re well-prepared for maintaining the life of this popular towel item, be sure to check out our microfibers here  and here to start putting your laundering expertise to the test. Keep those microfibers happy and clean and they will keep you even happier 🙂

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