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Gearing up for Thanksgiving with Pretty Pumpkins, Colorful Cornucopia, & Tasty Turkey Towels

As the season begins to roll out for us, our embroidery machines and production facility are buzzing. We are getting ready for one of the best times of year — the HOLIDAYS!Now is a great time to start thinking about the perfect items to bring over to your family members’ homes for Thanksgiving dinner, so you don’t arrive empty-handed.Colorful and abundant cornucopiaThis design is one of our most BEAUTIFUL! Although this is a more complex and lengthy sew-out, with a higher stitch count than your average design (due to the *abundance* of detail … see what I did there?), we love making this Thanksgiving Abundance Horn for our customers during this time of year! It is so incredibly colorful and luscious, you can almost taste all that pumpkin melting away in your mouth.Here are a few more fun ideas on different towels to get your gravy flowing:happy thanksgiving cornucopia Remember, Fall favorites don’t have to be exclusively Thanksgiving oriented …   And of course, there’s everyone’s favorite part of the holiday … the TURKEY.Turkey on a PlatterNow before we get you guys sooo hungry you’d eat the towel …Allow me to offer you a BARGAIN embroidery sew out of this beige finger-tip fringe towel pictured above (approx. 12×18 in size) with a beautiful Thanksgiving design of your choice for only $7 per towel!For $7 a piece, we’re competing with even your run-of-the-mill discount superstores which we typically stay away from due to the difference in quality. We pride ourselves in carrying great products at an excellent value, and this is no exception! This finger tip fringe towel is a nice thickness, fluffy, and excellent quality and durability. It is made by a USA mill, one of few remaining that have not closed or moved overseas.Give us a call today and we’ll be sure to set you up for the holidays with a beautiful, quality design this Thanksgiving. Season’s Greetings to all! – From the TBP Family

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